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David Burry sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 11 Jan 2001 02:21:48 -0800

I would be willing to personally donate a copy of Adobe Acrobat Capture, 
Personal Edition (20,000 page license) to God's work of converting 
Copyright-free/permission-granted Biblical texts into unencumbered freely 
distributable online form if anyone here would seriously be able to put it 
to good use.....  As an employee I am able to purchase up to 5 copies of 
this product per year for a substantial discount.  If anyone's trying to 
profit off of me from it they can jolly well pay the regular price for it 
<grin> and help my stock options in the process <wink> but when I freely 
receive I want to freely give, and when I see others freely giving that's 
who I want to give back to.

See http://www.adobe.com/products/acrcapture/main.html for more info.


Senior Web Developer, Adobe Systems

At 10:03 PM 1/10/2001 +0100, Martin Gruner wrote:
>Very good idea.
> > > CCEL has a system for using digital facsimiles of texts on-line along 
> with
> > ORC versions of the texts so that the OCR texts can be proofread and
> > corrected on-line. The software for doing this is being distributed under
> > the GNU Public License.
> >
> > Perhaps Chris or Troy could provide a site for texts that would be of use
> > with the Sword but could use this type of proofreading and editing. Or,
> > such texts could be sent to CCEL for editing there.
> >
> > Jerry