[sword-devel] e-Sword collaboration & other copyright matters

David Burry sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 01 Jan 2001 15:11:03 -0800

It's only natural that an open source project would attract more hoodlums 
bent on "anarchistic behaviour" than a closed source one.  But one should 
look to the project leads as to whether the project can categorically be 
called such, not any blithering idiot (like myself ;o) ) who posts.  And 
one should more carefully examine a web site before jumping to conclusions.


P.S. Eudora's giving this message a rating of two red hot chilli peppers ;o)

At 06:04 PM 1/1/2001 +0100, Peter Snoek wrote:
>A few days later I received a long email from the dutch distributor
>of the OLB stating he strongly disagreed the SWORD project because
>(quote) "...their website contains mostly illegal software for distributing
>copyrighted bible texts..."
>(quote") "...cannot agree with this anarchistic behaviour..."