[sword-devel] Prayer Request

Kirt Christensen sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 27 Feb 2001 09:34:52 -0500

For about 1 year now, I have watched this development and admired the 
sacrifice that you all have made in the effort of making the Word of God 
available to people everywhere, for free.  It hasn't been free for any of 
you though.  There is no salvation without works.  Somebody prayed and 
worked and sacrificed to deliver the message of salvation to me.  They 
worked and I received it as a free gift, but somebody worked.

I'm looking at cutting back my hours at work while I make preparations for a 
MDIV from Moody bible institute.  My wife and I are well cared for.  My 
income is more than adequate to meet our financial goals.  But my time is 
out of control, and work has pulled me off course at home.  My heart desires 
to help design the interface for the CE devices for Sword and make them 
available to ministiries that are mobile around the world.  I can't do all 
the good things God has allowed to be placed before me, so I must choose to 
seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness or not.

Please remember me in prayer as I seek to lead my family in agreement on 
these matters.  It is important that I recieve my wife's support before I 
move ahead on completing what I started for Sword.

Kirt Christensen

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