[sword-devel] Sword Logo Contest!

David Burry sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 24 Feb 2001 00:19:04 -0800

Great idea!  What about getting some designers and artists in on it, not 
just us programmers... ;o)


At 09:03 PM 2/23/2001 -0800, Jonathan Hughes wrote:
>Dear Everyone,
>     I was talking to Troy this evening and we were talking about needing 
> a really cool Sword Project logo, and it is Troy's belief that we could 
> get really cool logo's without having a contest with a prize but I am 
> willing to put up some money for a gift certificate (or something cool 
> like that!) for the person with the best logo design. So if you want to 
> be involved, design a logo and post it somewhere where online. Post the 
> URL on this mailing list and then we will pick which is the best and it 
> will be used as The Sword Project's logo.
>Here are a couple things to remember when designing:
>     -It needs to be a good general purpose image, for letter heads, web 
> sites, etc.
>     -Think of a cool way to do the text "The Sword Project" and a image 
> (such as a sword, but not just a basic 'sword', make it all integrated in 
> a very nice professional manner.)
>     -Remember it needs to be able to be used and look good on a website, 
> in stationary, icons, etc.
>     We will choose a winner once we have seen quite a few entries and are 
> happy with one. The person will then be contacted to see how they want to 
> get their prize and the logo will be released for everyone to see! :) So 
> start working!
>In Christ,