[sword-devel] JAVA API: (was: STEP modules - back from the dead)

Joe Walker sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 23 Feb 2001 23:29:16 +0000

Troy wrote:

> Ultimately those examples should, in concept, work.  I've tried to keep
> a class for class, method for method port of the API from C++ to Java. 
> You'll even see the .cpp files in the tree copied from the C++ source
> tree which I've been using as a starting place.  I would like to think a
> developer experienced with the sword API in either Java or C++ could
> switch to the other with minor adjustments.
> Also the API has evolved rather poorly in some areas over the years, and
> I was using the Java code as an opportunity to cleanup and standardize
> some things where there might have been a _few_ ways to do those same
> things in the C++ API.

I started my work a few years ago before I had heard of Sword so the
APIs in the code I posted at www.eireneh.com are probably fairly
different however I have no objection to adding code to make the API
compatible with Sword.

>> I have noticed that there is a version in Java posted by at
>> http://www.eireneh.com/ and this can read Sword files, but does not seem to
>> have the same architecture as the C/C++ api. Oh and by the way the eireneh
>> web site is hosted by the Christadelphians, an offshoot of Jehovah's
>> Witnesses (the Christadelphians deny Jesus is God)!

It's a while since I've read a paragraph with so many errors in it
but I think this list is about Bible software development so I'm not
going to argue it.

I think my code represents a 95% complete Java Bible program that
includes a Swing API and servlets. I'd like to share my work, and
I promise not to put any subliminal messages into the code that
will convert you!

Troy, forgive me for not knowing your API better, but if you can
point me at some classes that represent what you would like to
keep then I'll see about some compatibility code.