[sword-devel] [Fwd: [announce] Clarification on what you can do with the code and binaries from OpenOffice.org]

Bryan L. Fordham sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 06 Feb 2001 19:53:15 -0500

This just cam in from the OpenOffice Announce list; thought it might
clear up some questions.

Bill Roth wrote:
> All,
>   I wanted to provide a brief clarification on what you can and can not do
> with OpenOffice.org code and binaries. I will do this in the form of an FAQ
> question:
> Q: If I build the code for OpenOffice.org, can I call it StarOffice?
> A. No. You can  not  call what you build, or any modifications thereof,
> StarOffice. You can call it anything else, however. So, if you are working
> at Bobco Software and you wanted to call what you have built "BobOffice",
> that would be ok.
> Q: Can I take code from OpenOffice.org and modify StarOffice 5.2?
> A. No. StarOffice 5.2 is Sun's commercial product and is not licensed under
> the GPL license family or SISSL. StarOffice 5.2 is built on a code base that
> predated the OpenOffice.org code. To modify StarOffice 5.2 in any way with
> the code from OOo would be out of bounds.
> Please reply to discuss@openoffice.org if you have questions.
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