[sword-devel] Is there something I could do?

Jonathan Hughes sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 5 Feb 2001 20:13:49 -0800


    Thank you so much for your willingness to help the Sword project. If you
could, will you fill out the questionnaire below and e-mail it personally
back to me: jhughes@crosswire.org  I am trying to organize volunteers and
get the people working on Sword to then come and sharing with volunteers
what kind of things need to be done, so I will get your information but it
may be a little bit before you get a response from any one about helping,
sorry for this but we are just working things out right now!

Your Name:

Your Birthday (only the month and day if you don't want to say how old you
are, I want to be able to say happy birthday when it is your "special" day!
:) ):

Your primary e-mail address (one that you check frequently):

Your Technical abilities that you would be willing to use to help the Sword
Project, the years of experience and in your opinion our level of competency
and examples of your work:
i.e. HTML programming, 2 years, Intermediate,

Your non-Technical abilities that you would be willing to use to help the
Sword Project (editing, proofreading, writing, etc.):

Approximate number of hours a week you could work on projects for Sword:

Current projects you are working on for Sword:

Any other information that would help us place you in a place that you will
enjoy and do a good job in:

    Once again thanks for your time!

Your Brother,

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From: "Irawan Tanudirdjo" <irwtan@yahoo.com>
To: "Sword Development" <sword-devel@crosswire.org>
Sent: Monday, February 05, 2001 8:11 AM
Subject: [sword-devel] Is there something I could do?

> Syalom Sword Team,
> My name is Irawan and I had recently been added to the
> Sword Development mailing list at 24th January.
> I'm an undergraduate in computer science from Surabaya,
> Indonesia but unfortunetaly I do most of my programming
> under Windows/DOS using Delphi/Turbo Pascal/Turbo C++.
> So, I'm afraid I can not help you with Linux.
> Well, but I understand what you're saying in this list
> because I already taken the Linux course but here in
> Indonesia, most of the people (programmer) using Windows.
> So I would like to ask is there something else I could do
> instead of programming under Linux? Maybe like typing the
> text or searching/downloading information in the Internet?
> God bless you all. Your brother in Christ.
> Irawan Tanudirdjo.
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