[sword-devel] Is there something I could do?

Irawan Tanudirdjo sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 05 Feb 2001 23:11:10 +0700

Syalom Sword Team,

My name is Irawan and I had recently been added to the
Sword Development mailing list at 24th January.

I'm an undergraduate in computer science from Surabaya,
Indonesia but unfortunetaly I do most of my programming
under Windows/DOS using Delphi/Turbo Pascal/Turbo C++.
So, I'm afraid I can not help you with Linux.

Well, but I understand what you're saying in this list 
because I already taken the Linux course but here in
Indonesia, most of the people (programmer) using Windows.

So I would like to ask is there something else I could do
instead of programming under Linux? Maybe like typing the
text or searching/downloading information in the Internet?

God bless you all. Your brother in Christ.
Irawan Tanudirdjo.
Romans 3:22 (Contemporary English Version)
  GOD treats everyone alike. He accepts
  people only because they have faith in
  Jesus Christ.

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