[sword-devel] Fallen off the face of the earth?

Tim Hawes sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 05 Feb 2001 06:58:24 -0500


I was hoping to run into you again. I just rejoined the sword-devel
mailing list and found you in your last message sent to the group. I know
I was plagued by long silences before, but this time it came unexpectedly.
My old email (tim@donet.com) was just suddenly revoked by mistake. When
they restored it, I could not get any email from it. All my old data
happened to be on a company laptop and was removed before I had a chance
to retrieve it. Essentially I had lost everything. But still, this is no
excuse for me, since I still had your web address. My wife and I have been
struggling with her health complications and I have been very busy, so I
have not been able to commit any time to writing code, or for that matter
learning C++. So, I had seemingly fallen off the face of the earth.

Well, I finally set out to learn C++ and am using it to program for the
web (I like it much better than Java, performance-wise). There is still
much to learn about C++ for me, but now that I am using it for work, I
stand a better chance to really learn it well. I have also set out to
learn a Linux GUI toolkit, and after playing with Qt and Gtk, I decided I
really wanted to learn Motif. Motif handles memory better than Gtk and is
better documented (perhaps not for long) and working with Motif meant
working with Xlib which has a strong appeal to me. Now we have "OpenMotif"
with a promise to free Motif on all platforms in the future.

Well, anyway, since our communication ceased, I see that two Bible
projects for Linux have really taken off. Bibletime and Gnomesword. I am
using Gnomesword, right now, but Gtk seems so kludgy to me. I have just
started working on a Motif (with C++) interface to Sword.

So how have you been? I pray all is well. Are you actively involved in any
Bible software projects?

  Tim Hawes