CCEL facsim (was: RE: [sword-devel] STEP modules - back from the dead)

Chris Little
Mon, 5 Feb 2001 00:22:13 -0800

> At 10:57 PM 2/2/2001 -0500, Dan Blake wrote:
> ><Snip> What was the
> >information about proof reading online?  That sounds like
> something I might
> >be able to do to help the Sword project.
> ><Snip>
> There is a system to do that at: .
> But, I don't
> think anyone has set it up for the Sword Project.
> The server prerequisites for use are: Apache, PHP, mySQL, Perl, DBI,
> ImageMagick .

I think proofing texts on CCEL is a great way to for people who are
interested in helping SWORD but who have no desire to do programming.
Proofing there may not give an immediate return for SWORD, but CCEL is
probably the best source for new content that we have.  If you really want
to help proof CCEL texts that you know will be usable by SWORD, make sure to
do either commentaries or dictionaries/encyclopedias since those are the
text types that we currently support.

I would recommend any of the following, for example:

New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge
Septuagint Version of the Old Testament with an English Translation
Notes on the New Testament, Explanatory and Practical: Luke and John

Or, for the very ambitious, you could contact Harry Plantinga at CCEL about
adding (scanning) texts you may have in your library which are in the public

Jerry, do you think there is any benefit to having the facsim software set
up for the Sword Project specifically?  Since we don't have any digital
facsimile editions for our texts, it would require that we find and scan
hard copies for anything we wanted to proof read.