[sword-devel] Open Content Creation

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Sat, 03 Feb 2001 19:09:17 GMT

Bryan L. Fordham writes:

> darwin@ichristian.com wrote:
> > parts of Sword/Bibletime/... that can be impacted by how to support
> > specific module types that some may feel are not proper (for whatever
> > reason)
> Could you please explain this?  My understanding is that, if I write a
> module for Sword it will be supported whether people like it or not. 
> There's a difference between compatibility and Christian doctrine.
> I know I'm missing something 8) I just don't know what

Well, anyone can write modules to do whatever they want, however it doesn't
have to be includedin a specific software backage like Sword.  Some of the
types of modules I was talking about supporting are text modules like the
Apocrypha and any other "extensions" not required for a protestant
evangelical study of the Bible in some opinions.

This is not to say that Sword has this limitation, but this issue has at
least been discussed, and has theoretically shaped the program and yet
revolves around what is essentially a doctrinal issue.

If I don't like what I see, I am free to take Sword, and BibleTime, and
develop my own project with doctrinal limitations placed on what I will
accept as far as content and features...  And then Sword/BibleTime (or
others) are free to take what I do and use it as well.

   Darwin Gregory

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