[sword-devel] Cool idea: Commercial Linux /Windows Bible program based on Sword

Geoffrey W Hastings sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 1 Feb 2001 22:24:10 -0800

On Fri, 02 Feb 2001 06:18:29 +1000 Paul Gear <paulgear@bigfoot.com>
> Martin Gruner wrote:
> > ...
> > > My solution for this would be to put Sword under LGPL, program a 
> good Bible study program and sell the program.
> > 
> > This will involve a lot of work, and the users of the opensource 
> > programs like bibletime will not profit from it. Especially those 
> who do not have the money to buy a program.

Why couldn't something be done in a similar way as the Online BIble.
A person can download the operating front end and all the PD texts and
modules for free.
Yet if they want to they can pay to unlock only the royalty items that
they desire to pay for.
Last time I looked this is the way Quick Verse operates too.

> I think most people on this list don't want to see Sword go only
> commercial, but i think Joachim was merely suggesting a closed 
> source program would be the best solution to the problem of secure
> > What about another way to do it? For this aim it would not be
necessary to
> > create and sell a program; it might be sufficient to change towards
> > security architecture that can be published opensource; maybe just
> > libraries like openssl etc. -- might be necessary anyway for not 
having to
> > use the same keys.
> It doesn't matter what security technology you choose - there is no 
> you can make the key management issue go away.  You can make it less 
> of  an issue (see my post on unlocking & stuff), but you can never make
> go away.
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