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Thu, 01 Feb 2001 15:17:51 -0500

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I sent this yesterday, but my new address wasn't subscribed to the list.
Oops.  Anyway...

James Gross wrote:
> Well, your ideas are great IMHO. Since we would need a person or
> persons to receive the works and prepare them for inclusion in Sword,
> they could also, possibly, review them and provide a short synopsis of
> the works.

Why not just allow for 3rd party modules and be done with it?  If you
still want reviewers that of course would make things easier.  But if I
 want to create my own group of writers and we create "Bryan's Wiz-Bang
Commentary" we can package it and stick it on our website for others to

This answers the question about commercial modules (which I personally
think is a bad idea, but anyway).  If you want to have some form of
protection or other on a module, create a Protection Module, and use it
to read Protected Modules.  This way there's no need for Sword licensing
changes and people could still create proprietary content if they wish.
They just have to do the work.

- --B

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