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22 Dec 2001 05:48:13 -0500

I think these fireside chats are great, but I would much rather see them
on the news server.

Chris, before you go on long tirades on socialism, familiarize yourself
with Ludwig von Mises book on Socialism. Socialism is not about "having
all things in common", but rather the government owning everything.
Also, a society which views "snuffing the competition" as being
capitalism, knows nothing about capitalism. Sinful man wants to be in
control, whether they attempt to gain this control through government
owning everything, or by snuffing their competition, it is still sin.

I do not think the Bible necessarily endorses any particular form of
government, only that that government is subservient to Christ.I think
socialism is a bad idea, because instead of recognizing that God is Lord
over all, and we lend from God, socialists believe that government owns
all and we lend from government. This is the very war the early
Christian martyrs fought against in the early centuries of the Church.
Christians were tried and killed as traitors because they said that
there was a king over ceasar (King Jesus!).

On Fri, 2001-12-21 at 01:06, Chris wrote:
> >
> >
> >While I think there are
> >practical benefits to the O.S. movement, I believe their is an ideology or
> >better a philosophy that tends to undergird it which is unbiblical, 
> >
> So how do you feel about  Acts 2:44, "All the believers were together 
> and had everything in common." ?
> >that is,
> >to own something is wrong.  The socialist view is very analogous to an ant
> >colony or bee hive.  Each ant or bee means nothing it only the nest or hive
> >that is important.  This view stems from its evolutionary roots. 
> >
> Socialism is nothing to do with evolution or a theory that individuals 
> mean nothing.
> In fact it raises the status of the individual more so than capitalism 
> because it says
> that individuals are valuable and a part of society irrespective of 
> their pure
> economic contribution. It also says that the value of an individual is 
> not related
> to supply and demand economics. Capitalism says that an individual has no
> value unless they produce something that people will pay for.
> No, the problems of socialism tend to fall in the practical 
> considerations, rather
> than the moral (or biblical).

  Tim Hawes



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