[sword-devel] GNU and OS ideologies applied to translation

Michael Rempel sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 21 Dec 2001 15:08:35 -0800

> At 08:26 PM 12/21/2001 +1100, chris@bitmead.com wrote:
> >Who said anything about mixing styles? The main point is choosing styles.
> which can already be done by choosing versions... however, having
> that lets you more easily compare how certain phrases can be translated in
> a side-by-side (or per-phrase "choosing") manner is an excellent study
> tool.  You know, like that interlinear 26 translation New Testament I once
> saw, only in a sword module instead of printed on dead trees...  If people
> really want to twist a text to mean something it doesn't they will anyway,
> whether we provide a tool that makes it easier or not.  Just because some
> study tools benefit the unjust as well as the just doesn't mean we must
> be deprived.  The rain from heaven falls on all of us!  ;o)  Just make it
> with "study tool" in mind instead of "design your own version to say
> whatever you want" in mind, ok?

As you said, we already have 'side by side' texts. My point is lets make
certain that they stay independant. Your Microsoft style fix the virus
problem later attitude is not helpful. A little prudence from the start goes
a long way. I am not saying take the power out, I am saying give it a saftey
> Someone way back in the beginning mentioned something about designing your
> own version from all possible choices and now everyone's harping on
> that.... can't you all put that aside for a sec and see what a wonderful
> study tool it would be to just have all the different possibilities
> listed?  I want da study tool mannn!!!!  ;o)

The underlying attitude is far more problematic to me than the details of
one suggestion or another. Lack of prudent care is a huge issue. Jesus said
teachers are more accountable. Providing study tools is teaching. Like it or
not you are accountable if you benifit the unjust!

I will not be responsible for folly, and I am doing my best to prevent it.
Creating a trap for the enemy to use is a bad idea. He makes enough good
ones of his own.