[sword-devel] Spending $1,000,000 in development and giving away the fruits

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> >What about making money off of truth is wrong?
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> I think the point is not that there is a problem _making_ money from
> things spiritual. The problem is related to _charging_ money for things
> spiritual. Because when you charge, that implies some people will be
> excluded based on income. That's why they don't charge to get into
> church, but they do put around the plate.

No it means they need to find other resources, or it needs to matter enough
that they make the sacrifice to buy them, borrow them, or ask for donations.
There are free texts, just not recent good ones, there are good inexpensive
texts as well. Bible societies sell NASB for around ten dollars. How many
free commentaries is Sword up to now? Free versions? Nearly every language
on earth is covered at least once for free. History has never seen such
abundance of free material already available for the taking.

On the other hand you cant have the Torah scroll at my Messianic Synagogue
for any price and you would have a hard time getting your hands on one at
any price if you wanted one. Jewish scroll dealers dont sell to non-Jews,
they dont sell to Messianic Jews either, but we have our sources.

Also I have a wealthy acquaintance who owns authentic photo engraved
reproductions of the Dead sea scrolls. They cost a fortune. Is it a problem
if I visit his place and study a while? Should he sell them in your
estemation? To whom? Should people not buy such things when they are offered
for sale?

What about music, shouldnt that be all free too? And the computer to play
the MP3s of it on! Why does that cost money? Just because it can be used for
other things doesnt mean it isnt spiritual.

Enough of a rant I think to make the point. More could follow, but I need
bed now. Its late. Way late. Oh my, it is late. Good nite.