[sword-devel] GNU and OS ideologies applied to translation

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Thu, 20 Dec 2001 01:00:38 -0800

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> On Sunday 16 December 2001 19:47, Chris wrote:
> > Maybe there would be various teams like Linux and BSD, each working on
> > the type of translation they want. Maybe even a number of acceptable
> > translations could be entered into a computerised system, each verse's
> > translation rated on a number of criteria, literalness, ease of reading,
> > etc etc. Maybe someone could even choose their own customised
> > translation, choosing verses based on their own personal criteria.

Fast food Bible style. Have it your way! Interpretation by feel good
demographic preferences. Heck lets vote on interpretation already! This is
soooo slipery a slope.
> Tagging the text? Brilliant idea! A truly living Bible. You could even
> sliders from literal to interpretive, conservative to literal, ancient

How do I slide language? Give practical examples. Buttons I see, but not
sliders. Ratings I see, but not 'make it more interpretive' or 'a little
more ancient structure please'

> structure to modern structure, poetic to pragmatic and so on. And the
> to dynamically ``fork'' the text, while potentially confusing, would be

Potentially? I would think that many a train of thought would de-rail if you
take the right paths. We already have enough of that problem without putting
your GUN in the hands of the unsuspecting public. People never take all the
roads. Most just take the ones that please them. Dont give them any more
detours around difficult texts PLEASE!!!

> invaluable for customisation and be a practical demonstration that the
> original texts often do not map directly onto modern languages.

Oh you so dont want to go there, original language bunny trails run for
miles. Some do loops around the planet. Language commentaries on Hebrew in
Hebrew can loop the planet with a single word. We need space for that, lots
of it, hard drives were invented because God took pity on the trees.
Commentary space please, with outlines and cross references or it will never
end. ;-)

> Cheers; Leon