[sword-devel] FTP access

Leon Brooks sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 19 Dec 2001 19:46:28 +0800

On Saturday 15 December 2001 14:07, Chris Little wrote:
> And if you're using Linux... well, work on the port I guess. :)

Mandrake 8.1 comes with [goes to look] four different interactive FTP clients 
(e.g. gFTP) plus another 5 batch-capable (e.g. ncftpget) which are cluey 
about modification dates and will effectively mirror things from FTP. This 
does not include PERL, Python, Ruby, ReBOL or Scheme libraries.

If you didn't want to bother with a client as such, you could periodically 
mount the FTP server as a part of your hard drive using ftpfs and use cp -u 
to update your local file tree from the FTP server's copy.

Does the server also support DAV? If so, that's another 3 clients (e.g. 
cadaver) and another filesystem driver (davfs) which will do the job. AFAIK 
there's no httpfs driver to back the myriad HTTP downloaders here...

You might begin to see why a specific client for the job may not be as high a 
priority as for Windows. (-:

Cheers; Leon