[sword-devel] GNU and OS ideologies and indulgences

Chris sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 17 Dec 2001 09:54:37 +1100

>That's brilliant, absolutely brilliant. A customized "living" (so to speak) 
>translation. Perhaps what you could do, is let translators on the project 
>rate the different translations of parts they aren't working on, and the 
>highest rated (and most likely, most accurate, using Google-like methods) 
>would become the official translation. 
I would envisage that interested people would mark certain combinations 
of verses to be
a "complete" whole, a bit like you might tag a particular combination of 
source files in CVS
with a tag. One or several of those "marked" combinations might gain a 
official like status because they are voted on by some well respected 
people. You might have
one which is NIV-like that tries real hard to make the English modern, 
and a Good-News
version designed to be very easy reading, and an NASB-like one designed 
to be very literal.
But someone personally may decide they want something fairly literal but 
still as easy
as possible because they don't read well. So they may customise their 
bible reading
settings. Someone more ambitious may take that idea and carefully review 
each verse
to make a complete "tagged" version that ensures more consistency.

Certain idioms could also be specially marked in the text, such as say 
YHWH, or "Truely, Truely
I say to you", and you could, say customise your own version to have 
YHWH in the appropriate
places, or perhaps have an NASB bible but with NIV-like "I tell you the 

It would be a new kind of bible, that is not just one translation, and 
which is so heavily marked
up that you can choose your own preferences for anything.