[sword-devel] GNU and OS ideologies and indulgences

Jerry Hastings sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 15 Dec 2001 23:13:15 -0700

At 02:57 PM 12/15/2001 -0800, Michael Rempel wrote:

>...The millions of dollars paid for translating one version of
>the scriptures does not get spent on expensive equipment, or high paid
>salaries, it is spent carefully on rather inexpensive salaries for highly
>trainned people who all but volunteer to do it, excepting that they need to

You do know that it does not always take a million dollar team of 
translators to make a translation? History records more than a few 
translations by one person without a fortune. People are still using many 
of them. And there are also the Bible versions that did not come from 
translating the Greek and Hebrew, but were developed from previous 
versions. Something like the Living Bible may not meet everyone's 
translation standards, but the people that were converted while reading one 
were glad to have them. And if you only speak a language for which the only 
Bible version is a translation from English wouldn't you be glad to have 
that version?

But, lets say you can put a top team together for a million, or even ten 
million. Why do you need to recover the money? Just get the Church to get 
behind it and translate as the money comes in. When the translation is done 
everything has been paid for, no one is in debt, and the work can be 
released freely.