[sword-devel] SWConfig.java

Jerry Kreps sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 10 Dec 2001 18:04:35 -0600

On Monday 10 December 2001 01:42, Mike Dougherty wrote:
> Here's my version of SWConfig. It provides access to multiple
> configuration properties (files), which may themselves contain
> multiple values. This version does not use anything that is not in
> the Java 2 core library (It also does not have any naked variables,
> which is a pet peeve of mine ;-).
> I haven't had a chance to run it through a complete unit test so it
> may have some bugs in it. But I wanted to put it out there for
> comment as soon as possible.
> I have included the Javadoc (thanks to Bobby's build script) so you
> can get and idea what the usage will be. Trying running the
> main(String[]) with your own files to see how it does.
> /mike

I really LOVE the internal documentation that you've included in the 
source, Mike!