[sword-devel] Problems with the Hitchcocks and Smith lexicons

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 10 Dec 2001 03:40:33 -0800

> I'm doing some bug-fixing in BibleTime. We have the bug that 
> opening the 
> Hitchcocks and the Smith lexicons will lead to an infinite 
> loop. Other 
> lexicons like ISBE or Eastons open just fine.
> and so on

> The Smith lexcion has the same problem.
> I think this is a bug in Sword. Is this true? 
> Can somebody have a look at it? Troy? Chris? I'm not familair 
> with the 
> classes and the index files of lexicons.

This is a module bug.  Those two modules apparently have
mis-alphabetized entries.  If Perl and C have different default sort
orders, that is ultimately the cause.  New LD modules get sorted by
Sword as they're being built.

All we need to do is rebuild these two texts, which I will do as soon as
I have finished merging ICU 2.0 updates (a much larger task that I had
thought it would be) and fixing Diaspora.  I was considering updating
Smith anyway, using ThML as the markup.