[sword-devel] SWConfig.java

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 10 Dec 2001 04:35:29 -0700

	Thank you for taking the time to rewrite SWConfig.java!  It's so fresh
to get code submitted!  Bobby and you have been a blessing to me this
weekend!  I've changed all code in the api to use the new interface. 
Anyway I can get you to finish the write interface? :)  I'm very
impressed and still don't understand how you read the .ini style file. 
One thing I was going to change and couldn't find where, was that the
rtf codes in the .conf file (\par \qc, etc) are not preserving the \. 
The only special meaning a '\' has in a .conf file is at the very end of
a line to designate a continuation-- all other \'s are literals.  Thanks
again for providing a solution to the subject of debate these past
couple days!

	In Him,

PS.  Your attached file seems to have prepended garbled character
somewhere in the copyright (or netscape is having trouble handling the

Mike Dougherty wrote:
> Here's my version of SWConfig. It provides access to multiple
> configuration properties (files), which may themselves contain multiple
> values. This version does not use anything that is not in the Java 2
> core library (It also does not have any naked variables, which is a pet
> peeve of mine ;-).
> I haven't had a chance to run it through a complete unit test so it may
> have some bugs in it. But I wanted to put it out there for comment as
> soon as possible.
> I have included the Javadoc (thanks to Bobby's build script) so you can
> get and idea what the usage will be. Trying running the main(String[])
> with your own files to see how it does.
> /mike
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