[sword-devel] ant build file for jsword

Mike Dougherty sword-devel@crosswire.org
09 Dec 2001 19:43:41 -0800

On Sun, 2001-12-09 at 19:11, Bobby Nations wrote:
> All,
> I'm pumped to find out that there is an on-going port of the sword
> library to Java.  Having hung out along the periphery since taking a
> meager shot at helping with the EntriesBlock class (in which I have
> everything done but the getRawData function ... I find that I can't get
> past ingrained tendencies not to do things in certain ways, sorry).  
> Anyway, I've been romping around the jsword project, and am ready to
> begin contributing to it.  Attached is an ant build file for the stuff
> in /jsword/src that will compile the code, create the javadocs, and jar
> the class files.  If you wanted to standardize to ant (many java
> projects are doing so as we speak), then this would take the place of
> the many Makefiles scattered about.
> I'm trying to get the stuff in apps to work, but it keeps crashing every
> time I attempt to compile with ant.  Eventually, eventually.
> Next task, start writing JUnit classes to test the classes themselves. 
> Yippee.  BTW, if you've never used JUnit (or one of it's clones), you've
> been missing a real treat.
> Thanks,
> Bobby
> ----

Awesome Bobby! I don't know what the check-in process is, but I hope
this gets in and the Makefiles removed soon!

Obviously, you have my vote for Ant and JUnit. I have used them both
extensively and wouldn't Java recommend a project go without them.


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