[sword-devel] My personal OpenSource ideologies

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 9 Dec 2001 15:07:56 -0800

You're so wrong.

If some day GnomeSword, BibleTime, BibleCS, and all of Sword are
obsolete and forgotten, but computer users generally are free to share
and change the software they use, these programs will have done their
job well. If, on the other hand, Sword and its frontends are widely
used, but mainly in combination with proprietary software, they will
have succeeded only part-way, and a big task will remain ahead of us.

Also, please quit referring to jgl as "free".  It is not free software
in the sense that Stallman uses that term.  I offer you your choice of
the terms "cost-free" or "worthless" in place of "free" when referring
to such software.

Furthermore, you didn't mention it in that letter, but I get the
distinct impression that you are the sort of person who cavalierly
brandishes the word "Linux" when referring to the GNU Operating System.
Please remember that GNU is the OS; Linux is merely one of its kernels.
The term "GNU/Linux" is acceptable when referring to the combination.

Everything you said was wrong.  Even the things you quoted, you quoted
wrong.  Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.