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I intalled the software of Windozes and I'm using 98.  I like what I see
I also download several modules.  To me the process to the general user
seems a little cryptic for a lack of better word. The way i went about
it,  I downloaded it and then doubled clicked it and told it where I wanted 
to extract to.  Then I front Explorer clicked on setup and waited
for the conf file to extract and the red light to stop flashing and i 
clicked the X.  Nothing comes up before hand that tell me it's done,
when i click te X,  install successful.  When I run the program and when
i am in a commentary, the right window or the bottom left and want to
click on a #verse,  no mouse ponter and if so only for a brief sec and
it goes back to a | and it doesnot take me to the verse.

I do like the interface and i like the way that Treasury keeps up
with the current selected verse.  I have been an Online advocate
for years since it's inception, but i might become a small traitor 
<smile>..hehehe .. i will use both, actuall i have several others
now,  E-Sword, Theopholis, 1 commercial Logos... 2 much money
for what yours nd the others offer for free,  you know that old saying
abour rolling in his grave, well Jesus isn't, but if He was.. you know
what I mean.

Keep up the Great work

In the name of our King

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