[sword-devel] HELP! Need your feedback on XML Markup Language

Mike Sangrey sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 31 Aug 2001 14:43:15 -0400

Bobby Nations <bobby@bobbynations.com> said:
> It's a bit late to rework the chapter and verse markup since it's been
> around for so long as to become the accepted rendering.  Sometimes
> you've just got to live with the legacy systems warts. 

True enough, but we need, we really do, we need to NOT determine the
structure of the text.  ESPECIALLY a structure which is totally
foreign to the original text.

The versification scheme must only provide a way to locate the text.
It must not provide any semantic information.  English, and every other
language I know of, only (except for poetry) presents the meaning in 
non-verse chunks.  This will surprise people, but versification adds
meaning which was never intended.  If you think such a little thing
as a verse number doesn't do that, then contemplate the meaning of 
the piece of a dot on the bottom of a period which makes it into
a comma.  That little itty-bitty fragment of ink has meaning!  And
your mind picks up on it even though you don't think about it.  Same
thing happens with the colon and semi-colon.

Aren't we all fearfully and wonderfully made!!!?  Amazing.  Absolutely

Hope this helps.
Mike Sangrey
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