[sword-devel] HELP! Need your feedback on XML Markup Language

Kirt Christensen sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 30 Aug 2001 09:35:39 -0500

Being only slightly familiar with XML or Sword, I'll offer some limited 

>	XML doesn't allow more than one hierarchy in a document.  Here's an
>example of logical XML markup.
><Book NAME="Genesis"><Chapter NUMBER="1"><Verse NUMBER="1">In the
>This is all fine and dandy, but what about <Quote></Quote>, Intro,
>Paragraph, Red, Bold, Italic, etc!  Most of these things WILL cross over
>the single hierachy limit of XML.

I think that the above example is of attributes which are set for 
presentation.  Presentation in XML is controlled by a seperate layer of 
logic in XLS scripts. I wonder if Presentation attributes could be used for 
this?  Like below:

<Book NAME="Genesis" FONT="Bold"><Chapter NUMBER="1"><Verse NUMBER="1" 
FONT="Red" >In the

As for the example below, why would a quote that spans two verses?  It 
sounds like a problem with the guys who organized the verse markers for our 
bible.  I understand why some people might want to be able to access the 
quote information as an object or set of objects for review.  Personally, 
the quote is just another character in the verse and not significant 
><Verse>Text for <Quote>a verse</Verse><Verse>text for the </Quote>next
>	What do you guys think?
>		-Troy.

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