[sword-devel] ModDisp improvements

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 29 Aug 2001 15:05:33 -0700

> what about user created modules? Shouldn't we add an own 
> category for this 
> because they shouldn't be put in the same group as the well 
> known texts? The first user created module we have is MAK.

Should this be a separate category or should we just note that these modules are user-made when people view the module info?  I worry that if we add modules of different types (Bibles, commentaries, etc.) marking them all as "User Made" would confuse users.  Perhaps the only kind of user made modules we will add are commentaries so we could just name the category "User Made Commentaries".  Or do you think some of our Bibles, such as the AKJV, should also be identified as user made?  And what's the criterion for identifiying a text as user made?
> How do I make an own group?

To add a new group, you just decide on a new Category= value.  If we added "Category=User Made" to the mak.conf file, it would cease to show up in the commentaries and would begin to show up in a "User Made" tree within InstallMgr.  But to make it show up on the website would require some minor additions to the ModDisp JSP and the html pages.