[sword-devel] Copyrighting The Bible?

John Gardner sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 27 Aug 2001 15:47:14 -0700

	Dear Nathan,

	I think the scriptural principle of not muzzling the ox would have bearing
here.  In this digital age it is quite easy for people to copy something
that is being sold and get it for free.  The word of God is ours but those
who labor in translation can, I believe, legitimately profit from their
translation efforts.  If there were no copyright protection, the translator
would not be able to realize any profit - publisher's not under contract
could simply publish the new translation without paying any royalties to the

	I say all this because there is kind of an unscriptural idea, that to "own"
anything is immoral.  The very commandment "thou shalt not steal" implies
ownership - you can't steal if no one own's.

	A more important question, in my mind, is: how many *new* english
translations do we need?  It does make one wonder if there isn't an attempt
to water down the message or to some how make the language so clear, that
somehow we don't need to be taught of God?  Christ said, that we would
understand if we are willing to obey.  The reason that some have trouble
understanding the scriptures is that are not willing to obey it.  Perhaps
those involved in translation, has lost the vision of trying to get the word
out, and has become simply a quest to make money.  Then the tendency will be
to make "acceptable" translations that make money rather than accurate ones.


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> Hi,
> There has been something that has gotten under my skin quite a bit
> recently. It is the tendency of modern translators to copyright
> The Bible.
> Is that their right? To change slightly, for example, the KJV,
> call it the
> MKJV, and copyright it? Who wrote it anyway? Did they, or did God? I'm
> aware of the legal position on translation, of course, but it still
> disgusts me that people can do that.
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