[sword-devel] Locked modules

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Thu, 23 Aug 2001 10:23:15 +0100

That is extremely easy to do , and I wonder why we dont have something like a javascript alert box saying this module is locked, or something like that!

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I believe we have seen many requests like the one below.
I don't think it is pleasing for people to spend the amount of time that
is required to download text modules through a modem to find out they
don't work. Not only do they not work for them but they appear as some
strange hieroglyphics. After trying maybe a couple of times to
re-download the same text and spending more time, they might resort to
sending an e-mail to ask for help. 
I would guess that some probably just give up and don't go any farther.
I was wondering if there wouldn't be a way to set up the web page so
that when someone tries to download a locked module if they wouldn't
just be directed to a page telling them that this particular version is
locked and direct them to the Copy right page. 
There is no benefit for anyone to download modules they can not use. But
I am sure there is some frustration.

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	hello i'm cheri .I have been downloading some of the English
bibles and they aren't comeing up in english they are  comeing up in
ascii characters.  please help. 
	thanks cheri robbins