[sword-devel] gnomesword-0.5.0 release

Martin Gruner sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 14 Aug 2001 19:15:03 +0200

Chris, I see that you added Lang= tags to all modules now. Just that I 
understand: Which scheme/system did you use? You talked about the 
lang/country (e.g. en_US) scheme, but you didn't use it, right? How are the 
strange languages (e.g. xx_KET) covered now?
Can moddsp.jsp now be modified to sort the modules?

BTW, how can we handle modules with several languages such as dictionaries?
Maybe a list of languages with the main language first?


> Done.  Thanks for pointing that out.  With all those settings we now
> have in the .confs it's easy for me to miss things (as you have no doubt
> noticed).
> Anyone feel like writing me a .conf authoring tool? <g>
> --Chris