[sword-devel] PR

Mike Sangrey sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 08 Aug 2001 14:22:48 -0400

Chris Little <chrislit@chiasma.org> said:
>  It should be open to anyone to come and read but require a login for
> those who wish to post. Moderation should occur after the fact because
> we should trust all our users until they prove us wrong in doing so.

Moderating the first posting does not preclude this trust.  Especially
if the "first posting will be moderated" is stated up front.  I know of
no potential subscriber who would argue against that.  If they do, then 
likely you would want to moderate their first post anyway.  Generally,
no one ever notices.

Regarding the difference between bulletin board and email list:  To me,
a bulletin board takes too much of my time.  Email messages on my 
computer are quick and easy to deal with.  With an email list which
incorporates archived messages you can have the best of both worlds.  
Those who wish to just view messages as in a bulletin board can 
subscribe with null status and therefore they do NOT get postings by 
email.  But they can go to the archive and view them when they like.  
Those, like myself, who wish to handle  the information locally, can 
do that to.

Thank you for listening.
Mike Sangrey
Landisburg, Pa.
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