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Barry Drake sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 8 Aug 2001 12:38:46 +0100

Hi ......

Can I add my thoughts to those who would like forums around the 
project?  My personal preference is for e-mail lists - is that the intended 
form for these suggested forums?

I would quite enjoy contributing to one which is for discussion about 
versions that we have, or intend to have.  It would be open to thoughts on 
bias, appropriateness of translation etc.  The moderator of that list would 
need to keep it broad, and allow a range of differing viewpoints, but 
overall, it would be useful in allowing a compilation of views to be 
appended to each module as a user guide.

Something along the lines that "some readers, especially those having a 
troglodyte background feel that the word 'Wine' is inappropriate here, and 
would like to see the word 'juice of the grape', whilst others ......  " etc 

Maybe this is me, just enjoying discussion across a very broad band.

I think we could cope with it - after all, none of us have actually said 
things like "The Apocrypha is the work of Satan: we must never allow 
those filthy deutero-canonical texts to sully our work".  I think we all 
regard ourselves to a more or less extent as students of the Bible, 
simply wanting to learn more about God and His Kingdom thereby.



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