[sword-devel] PR

John Keiser sword-devel@crosswire.org
07 Aug 2001 10:37:05 -0400

On 07 Aug 2001 09:13:59 -0700, dtrotzjr@arilion.com wrote:
> > Yes, but with some caution. These forums can become battle grounds for
> > translation wars and other worthless disputes. Tempers get heated and
> > people get slandered. You should know what you will do when trouble comes,
> > before it comes.
> First let me say I like the idea of a forum very much. I agree that they
> could become a battle ground for individuals viewpoints but I think that
> shouldn't discourage us from having one. Jerry makes a good point and I
> think we should consider having a forum moderator for each forum we have. I
> am willing to moderate any forums we have. Moderating forums is helpful, it
> makes users feel like there is an "answer man" available and also it allows
> for us to lock threads that are not appropriate.
> In Christ,
> David Trotz

It's OK to have moderation on these forums, as long as the moderation is
soft (i.e. posts go up to the board immediately and then the moderator
swoops in to correct grievous errors).  I don't see a need to hold up
everyone's posts just because some people are party poopers.

As another solution, you can have multiple forums so that people can
vent where they want to ... here is a suggestion of how to split them

- Announcements (moderated so that only a few messages get through)
- Ideology (the Sword project should have X statement of faith)
- Translations (for translators and people who notice translation
- Development (for developers of Sword as well as Sword-based software)

The mailing list traffic doesn't seem big enough to warrant any more splits than that.