[sword-devel] Docs for getting started...

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 6 Aug 2001 12:02:56 -0700

Hi Jesse,

It sounds like you've done some pretty cool stuff.  BibleWorks is a
great tool, definitely worth emulating in a lot of respects.  I wish I
knew how to export the lexica it has, though, since they're the most
valuable tool in this program, IMO.

> For example, what does rawgbf refer 
> to, and what's its spec?

Martin was a tad off on his explanation of RawGBF, which isn't
completely surprising since I doubt anyone has used RawGBF in the last
2-3 years.  RawGBF was actually one of the driver classes (like RawText
and RawLD) but specifically for GBF Bibles.  It was identical to RawText
from the driver side of things, so it was deprecated and all RawGBF
modules were remarked as RawText modules with "SourceType=GBF".  So,
it's best if everyone simply forgets about the existence of RawGBF and
doesn't include it in their projects. :)  Is there any reason to keep
RawGBF around in the CVS?

Martin was right about the way we convert between markups, though.  We
have a set of input formats that we support (plaintext, GBF, & ThML) and
a set of output formatas that we support (RTF, HTML, plaintext, OLB,
ThML, & GBF).  Filter classes are named <input format><output format>,
so GBFRTF takes GBF and outputs RTF.  If a direct path does not exist
from the input format to the output format, you can use ThML in between
since there are classes to convert between ThML and all other formats in
either direction.  There are also other filters for things like
deciphering locked texts and converting between unicode encodings.