[sword-devel] Docs for getting started...

Martin Gruner sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 6 Aug 2001 11:26:26 +0200

Hi Jesse,

> I've been reading this mailing list for quite a while now, but haven't
> dug into Sword yet.  Part of the problem is the language barrier, as I
> don't yet grok C++ (though I notice that C and Pascal are also
> represented in the sources).   Recently, however, I've installed a few
> modules and renewed my interest in Sword.  I'd like to contribute to
> Sword, perhaps by writing an interface between it and my Python-based
> efforts, or maybe by helping with the Gnome Sword front-end.  I'm
> willing to learn C++ if necessary. (But I'm sure Python is more fun!)

I'm very impressed with what you already have achieved, and I too hope that 
there will be programs with the functionality of BibleWorks in future. Imo 
sword is the right place to go. It already has a lot of features to offer, 
and many more (apocrypha support, different versification schemes) are soon 
to come. Now sword will also have a new search engine and even provide 
support for different search engines. With you contributing your great 
knowledge so many people would benefit!
Though I am not an expert in those technical details I think a c++ version of 
your search algorithm(s) would be the best solution, though a python 
interface would be possible. More experienced programmers should state their 
opinions here.

> My trouble is unfamiliarity with some of the things you all may take
> for granted.  For example, what does rawgbf refer to, and what's its
> spec?  

RAWGBF is a filter class. Sword provides modules in several types of markup 
(ThML, GBF etc) and filters to convert between these. The RAWGBF filter 
converts a given text from nok markup to GBF.

> Is there a place where that kind of "basic" information has
> been collected, or maybe several places I can look for it?  The "doc"
> subdirectory in the distribution seems to contain mainly API
> information, but I'm lacking some things even more elementary.

You may want to try the documents at http://sf.net/projects/sword in the 
documentation section. And jsut ask here if something is missing.

> Thanks for your help in advance, and for your labor promoting the use
> of God's Word.

Thank you for you openness towards the sword project. I hope there will be a 
good and fruitful collaboration.