[sword-devel] New Win32 binary available 8-5-2001

Barry Drake sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 6 Aug 2001 09:05:38 +0100

Hi David .........

On 5 Aug 2001, at 21:21, David Trotz wrote:
>I have another one for you all to test. I fixed the font bug and the 
>devotional lookup bug and the text in the Devotional dialog box is no 
>longer editable.

Great job.  As far as I can see, the problems have gone away!  You 
seem to be handling the font stuff a little differently from the last issue 
from Troy, though, as my original IGNT (which is different from the final 
issue) wouldn't work properly on that one, but works on yours.  However, 
the LXX won't show as Symbol typeface for me anymore.  This may not 
matter, as I think Chris is doing, or maybe has done a Unicode version of 
it.  It doesn't matter to me anyway as I have the LXXM which does work 

Anyway - I like it!

Bless you, David, and thanks for all your hard work.  (Hey - with your 
input, the new Sword 2 is going to be even more exciting than ever, isn't 
it.  Can't wait!

BTW - I asked Chris about the VW (Voice in the Wilderness) version that 
he mentioned.  He offered me the VW web site at: 

The site seems a little strange to me, but the guy has some points 
(maybe) so I e-mailed him.  I'd have liked to discuss some of his points 
with him.  I guess I rubbed him up the wrong way.  He was kind of abrupt 
in his reply.  Wonder what you think?  I ask, because if he ever gives us 
permission to make the module available, I think it maybe ought to be up 
there with the 'dubious' texts - maybe I'm biased.

With love,


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