[sword-devel] Windows Frontend Name?

James Gross sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 23 Apr 2001 01:09:49

Dear Fred:

Thank you for the heads up.  I only sent the message after David had sent 
two requests for information/books specific to CBuilder.  I am a firm 
believer in using standards (such as ANSI) whenever possible.  I am about to 
start a c/c++ class in the near future and they require that all work be 
done in CBuilder.  I would prefer using GNU C/C++ compiler, but it won't be 
possible.  I was going to purchase the book at the end of the month, but I 
think that I will wait.

Again, brother, thank you for the heads up.  I appreciate the warning, as I 
am too new to programming to be able to clear judge such a book/author.

Your fellow Prisoner of Christ,

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Subject: Re: [sword-devel] Windows Frontend Name?
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2001 17:23:32 -0400

On Fri, Apr 20, 2001 at 05:08:38PM +0000, James Gross wrote:
 > Dear David:
 > Here is some info on a CBuilder book that is going to be released by the
 > publisher at the end of the month.  I haven't read it (obviously), but I
 > have used several of the other books in the Complete Reference series 
 > great success.


I've been on vacation and just got home today, so forgive me if I'm
late jumping into this particular discussion.

Also, please forgive me if what I'm about to say sounds un-charitible,
I'm trying to save you fifty bucks...

 > Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
 > by Herbert Schildt, Greg Guntle, Herb Schildt, Gregory L. Guntle
 > $49.99
 > Paperback - 1008 pages (April 30, 2001)
 > McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing; ISBN: 0072127783

If you read comp.lang.c, or perhaps other groups where C (or in this
case C++) programming is discussed, you'll find a lot of flamage regarding
Mr. Schildt's books.

To put it briefly, mr. Schildt is an excellent writer who explains
things clearly so that they are easy to understand. Unfortunately, at least
in many of his C books, he also tends to clearly and concisely teach us
things that are not correct C. Some things (like: "void main()") are just
plain violations of the language standard (not to mention being bad
practice), other things tend to be non-portable stuff specific to the
compiler and/or platform/OS he is using, and are not flagged as such.

I've not seen this particular book, it may be a paragon of virtue. But
I thought the least I should do is warn you to watch out carefully for
your hard-earned fifty bucks.


 > It seems a bit pricey, but it may be just what you are looking for.

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