[sword-devel] Early Church Fathers

Barry Drake sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 22 Apr 2001 06:58:02 +0100

Hi .......

On 21 Apr 2001, at 10:31, Chris Little wrote:
> No it's not.  By "general book" I mean a book that is neither a Bible, a
> commentary, nor a dictionary/lexicon. 
> Does anyone have any suggestions for how this format ought to be done?

Been thinking about that one.  Since the siscussion about ThML I took a 
good look at the possibilities in the ThML pages on CCEL site.  It's an 
exciting concept.  I think what I'd like to see is a book viewer for ThML - 
BUT every Bible reference in the books linking to the appropriate place in 
an attached Bible (and/or commentary) window in the same Sword front 
end.  Firstly that approach would save duplicating work converting 
freetext book modules that are already being made into ThML into 
something else, and secondly it would make maximum use of Sword's 
existing Bible and commentary handling when reading a book.

I'm thinking of my personal needs.  I want to look at early church 
references to aspects of divinity and Trinity - and a rapid way of looking 
up the Bible references would be very time saving.

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