[sword-devel] Sharing News Items

Jonathan Hughes sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 21 Apr 2001 11:22:25 -0700

Hey Everyone,

    I have sent this e-mail to both the sword-devel mailing list and the
bt-devel mailing list because I think it is something that is of interest to
both groups of people. I just responded to an e-mail this morning that was
sent into the sword-support mailing list, and the question the person had
was: What's going on with The Sword Project? He noted that there has not
been a new news items since 2000.
    So this got me thinking about if Project Leaders of other projects
(BibleTime, GnomeSword, etc.) were interested in setting up some way to
share news items across the different project websites. This would help keep
all users informed about all projects and would increase the news items
posted to actively show the level of development that is actually happening.
As The Sword Project is redesigning our website (discussion at
news://crosswire.org/crosswire.website), this would be a good time to put
into place something like this.
    I have two questions then:
    1) Do we want to share news items across project websites? Terry?
Joachim? Chris? Troy? Anyone else?
    2) How would we accomplish this? From submitting news items to
displaying and archiving them on                 respective websites.


In Christ,