[sword-devel] Early Church Fathers

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> > Once we have general book support, we open ourselves to the hundreds of
> > great works that CCEL has.  Plus, we have been offered use of
> all the books
> > for OLB produced by their community's more prolific workers.
> I assume general book format is a standard - didn't know it.
> Where can I get information about it?

No it's not.  By "general book" I mean a book that is neither a Bible, a
commentary, nor a dictionary/lexicon.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how this format ought to be done?
Should we design a format that subdivides a text into arbitrarily small
divisions?  The Early Church Fathers* series could be broken down into set,
volume, section, & chapter for example.  Schaff's History of the Christian
Church into volume, chapter, & section.  Etc.  So the divisions meet the
needs to the text rather than making the text conform to a set division
structure like we have with Bibles, where the text must break down to book,
chapter, & verse.  From there, we just create index files similar to the
bss, css, & vss files but for as many ranks of division as the book
requires, and set the value of the smallest division equal to the start
position & length of the section of text within the data file (identical the
way all the other module formats are done).




* Sorry if this offends, but that's it's name.