[sword-devel] Sword 1.52

Martin Gruner sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 19 Apr 2001 20:20:41 +0200

> Have a look at the .conf files for the WIN32 bookmarks.  No matter how
> we end us implementing the API, we will probably use SWConfig to read
> and write the bookmark files.  Let's just talk about a good .conf
> standard bookmark file format and we'll be sure to use this when we make
> the SWORD API bookmark functionality.
> What do you guys use now?  

I just created and exported 3 Bookmarks(german); They can also be nested.

Bookmark descriptions=description3,description2,description1
Bookmark format version=1
Bookmark modules=BHS,BHS,BHS
Bookmark parents=-1,-1,-1
Bookmarks=1. Mose 1:3,1. Mose 1:2,1. Mose 1:2
Group parents=

The problem I see with both our and your version is the following:
Assume somebody in Poland creates bookmarks. They are saved in polish. Then a 
czech person finds the file on the web and tries to import the bookmarks. It 
will not work because he does not have the polish locale installed.
There should be some way to make them locale-independant; maybe save the 
english version as  additional information which can be translated to the 
various locales.
Descriptions are missing in your implementation; also the module names (which 
should only be recommendations in case somebody does not have the desired 
It should also be possible to create bookmarks into lexicon and commentary 

Maybe we should try to implement the bookmarks in ThML; then even people 
without sword would be able to read these files. In this way we could also 
have the frontends scan any ThML file and extract the all of the included 
references as bookmarks. We would have to implement support for URI's also. 
That would be cool.

But we won't get it done soon enough. Maybe we have to release BibleTime with 
the current bookmark implementation and give a message to the users 
concerning the future changes.


P.S this was posted by Joachim some time ago without being noticed; it may 
still be important:

Troy, the following is declared in listkey.h (th the end):

  virtual long Index (long iindex)
    SetToElement (arraypos);
    return Index ();

My question is: Shouldn't iindex used for the call of SetToElement() ??
I have not changed the line to SetToElement(iindex) because I don't know why 
arraypos is used and because you know what you are doing.