[sword-devel] New GUI

Barry Drake sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 19 Apr 2001 08:32:04 +0100

Hi Troy .....

Once I realised that the exciting new GUI was more than just a non-
working prototype, I popped up a few windows and looked at some 
passages.  I ended up with two instances of Sword on screen.  On one, I 
had a desktop with an Old Testament chapter in two different translations 
side by side, and another desktop with a commentary.  (In a real 
situation, I might have wanted two commentaries running - and maybe 
the option to tile horizontally?).  In the other instance, I had a New 
Testament chapter open.

This kind of layout is probably the way I will use Sword in the future, 
when the new one is fully working. So - the new arrangement really will 
be ideal.  Using two instances brings the question what about saving the 
layouts after a session?  It gets complicated I know - but there is 
certainly going to be the possibility that two instances run at the same 
time, and either the last to be closed will be the layout saved, or .......   

I really think this level of versatility will bring in all sorts of possibilities.  
Why do I need to have more than one instance up and running?  On 
Sunday, the Lectionary offers Acts 5:27-32, Psalm 118 (part) or 150 Rev 
1:4-8 and John 21:1-19.  I shall look at all of those - so - four instances of 
Sword at the same time - if my hardward allows!  Then - and this is a 
personal thing - I object to the RCL missing out the Old Testament on 
the Sundays after Easter, so I shall probably take out one of the set 
readings and put an Old Testament one in in its place.  I may get ideas 
from a commentary.  There are usually cross references.  Then, to make 
matters worse - the Spirit might just show me something that needs 
another chapter open ...... and so on ......

Wonderful work .....   carry on.  I know I shall get a lot of joy and 
blessings from using it.  May He bless you richly.

With love,


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