[sword-devel] Windows Frontend Name?

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 18 Apr 2001 03:14:15 -0700

Actually, it was affectionately called BibleCS (as Chris said) inhouse
because we were going to move to a more 'desktop based, user buildable'
design like the prototype on the alpha pages.  It was intended to be a
nice drag and drop,
build-your-desktops,-save-them,-and-trade-with-friends type of thing. 
Hence the name BibleCS- The Bible Research Construction Set.

We are not there, at all, with the current frontend.  Only module sets
are 'constructable' with installmgr and then not too flexable in the
frontend, at that.  Have a look at the prototype and you might get an
idea of what I mean.


Actually, I just updated the prototype to compile against the lastest
library source.  I fixed a few bugs too.  Remember, it's just a UI
prototype, not a fully functional frontend.

Try the speed buttons, in order, from left to right-- twice.  Then you
should have a screen that shows all the functionality that's there.  Try
dragging the panes around to all places in their desktop to see how you
can realign the layout most anyway you want.

Anyway, it's kindof fun to play with and usually sparks ideas in people,
so let me know what you think.