[sword-devel] Fast search?

Nathan sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 27 Sep 2000 21:14:01 +0200

Good day Joachim

The algorithms are actually not very difficult at all. :) I will
(Lord willing) try to write the algorithms in a generic C-like
format. Then you should be able to easily and quickly port it to
the language of your choice. I used to work with C, and have not
used C++ much, so I will not be able to efficiently implement these
algorithms in Sword. I will leave that to Troy and yourself to do
this (if you don't mind). Unless someone else volunteers?

The benchmarks for some of the searches I have done indicate that the
response time is sub-second, even for complex searches with wildcards!
(On a 600 MHz P3... :)

I am currently investigating the best way to compress the index file.
The decompression could still influence the response time, but it will
not be much.

The other outstanding issue is to efficiently implement "exact phrase"
searches (which is in progress).

*** I still need some answers to the questions I asked a while ago (17/9)
--> How small do we really want the fast search index file?
--> Will it replace the current search, or just be an additional option?
--> What is expected from the fast search?

Feedback anyone?

God bless you,

--- Original message ----
I'm unable to implement such a thing but since I develop for BibleTime if
possible that somebody with more knowledge implements these fast algorithms?

It would be cool to have BibleTime 1.0 (the version we are working on) with
such a incredible fast search!