[sword-devel] deb issues

Daniel Glassey sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 18 Sep 2000 14:49:42 +0100

On 15 Sep 2000, at 12:30, Ben Armstrong sent forth the message:

> On Fri, 15 Sep 2000, Trandahl, Steve wrote:
> > Daniel,
> > 	I tried installing the gnomesword deb on my Debian 2.2 system last
> > night but it depends on newer modules than I've got.  Do they really need to
> > be that recent?  Version 2.2 is only a month old.  It's kind of a pain for me
> > to download new modules since I've got a modem that only works under Windows.
> This is pretty standard practice for new stuff.  It gets compiled against
> the latest developer's release (woody).  Now, it is possible to build
> binary debs against potato if you have a potato system.  However, Daniel
> will have to supply us with the source package files first (original
> tarball, changes, diff, and dsc file).

ah, sorry, I actually run potato, but I've updated to gnome to helix-
gnome, hence the overnew dependencies. I'll try and rebuild with the 
right dependencies.

> It will require a bunch of -dev packages to compile.  If there are no
> build depends in the package, you'll just have to iteratively try debuild
> (or dpkg-buildpackage) and apt-get install any missing -dev stuff until
> you have everything you need to build the package. 
> I'd do this myself except for two things:
> 1. all my machines except my firewall is woody, and i don't have a
>    development environment setup on my firewall (not to mention the fact
>    that it's a clunky old P100, not really well-suited to the task)
> 2. Daniel hasn't provided the source packages (yet :)

oops, will put them up when I get home.