[sword-devel] question

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Fri, 8 Sep 2000 12:01:59 +0200

On Fre, 08 Sep 2000, you wrote:
> All the functionality in the search engine will stay in the API.  If the
> fast framework does not support the requested search type, then the
> default SWModule::Search (the current method) will handle the search--
> though it may be slower.

Very Good. Thank you.

> I still cannot produce the search status problem that you are having.
> Once a binary of KDE2 is released, I'm hoping I'll be able to compile
> Bibletime again.  If you would like me to look into it sooner, I would
> need a simple test program that shows the problem.

Sorry, I guess you will have to wait a few days until KDE2 final is out. Then 
you can download the binaries for your system and compile bibletime. Thank 
yuo for helping. ( I think there are even binaries of the current beta4 
release which is fairly stable - Just have a look at 

> 		-Troy.