[sword-devel] Strong's number's matched to Hebrew

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 20 Nov 2000 10:36:09 -0800

This may not be a very satisfactory answer if you're looking to have a
ready-made matching that you could release to the public, but for your own
study or work BibleWorks is a very good tool.  All of its Hebrew & Greek
texts include mappings to Strong's numbers & various lexica.  Of course, the
package has a rather hefty $300 price tag, but I would rate it as the #1 top
Bible reference software package, without question.

Others on the list may be aware of other/free similar resources or plain old
hebrew text/strongs databases

--Chris Little

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> Hi,
>    I recently joined the List.  I have been releasing my
> own hobby project HIB - Hebrew Interlinear Bible -
> to www.simtel.net.  I've been wanting to find Strong's
> numbers matched to the Hebrew source.  Does anybody
> know where I could get that? (The English rendering is
> not always in the same order as the Hebrew.)
> Thanks.
> Walter