[sword-devel] building libraries on Win32 (was: RE: e-Sword)

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 12 Nov 2000 11:35:10 -0800

I spent a while working with SWORD and VC++ to no avail.  On compile, VC++
spits out a hundred or so STL-related errors, and since I know nothing about
STL I can't fix them to make VC++ happy.  For all I know, it doesn't even
support STL.

However... I tried using cygwin gcc on the SWORD sourcetree and it compiled
flawlessly (as a static library, not a shared library/dll).  At the very
least, this means console-based SWORD programs could be compiled.  I'm not
yet sure if there is any difference between what gcc generates and what vc++
would have generated, but it seems like it should be usable as a library in
other compilers.  Unfortunately, when I tried writing a small test program
in VC++ that uses the SWORD library compiled in gcc, it just spit out the
same list of STL compile errors.

I'm about ready to pick up Borland C++ Builder to try to get a dll built.
Their free tools would probably work, but I'd need the commercial one to
know how to set up the project/makefile for it.

--Chris Little